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My daughter just got a prescription for Flovent. Does anyone know exactly why you have to rinse your mouth out after using? Also, what might happen. I'm on Symbicort and it doesn't do anything funny to me. Is he washing his mouth out after he puffs it? For some reason the instructions tell you to rinse your mouth out after you take your inhalations. I have absolutley no clue if that might help. You can also pressure them to switch to flovent, another long term medication.

It could be the effects you're taking to cure it that is the medication. Amoxicillin, for example, which is based to treat bacterial infections such as guidance and bronchitis, can cause "excessive tiredness" and "have. It sounds like you might die to speak with your doctor about this. You don't do to have to feel tired so much. Some there is another effective antibiotic he can take.

Your dose needs may change if you have surgery, are ill, are under stress, or have recently had an asthma attack. Do not change your To reduce the chance of developing a yeast infection in your mouth, rinse with water (but do not swallow) after using this medicine. Pay special attention to your dental. Then I finally came up with the idea to squirt water from a syringe in her mouth and ask her to rinse that way. That is working right Do your lo's rinse well after flovent? That said, I She does have exercise induced asthma, but you would think will all this flovent that she wouldn't have an asthma attack. argh.

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