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Nearly half who combined the two reported kidney disease. One of my good friends is dead because she was taking Tylenol and drinking glasses of wine each evening. She went into liver failure, was told she needed a transplant but she died before getting it. It is just not good to take the chance. If you are using Tylenol, dont drink, or if you want to drink, dont use.

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It seems that acetaminophen, the primary active ingredient in Tylenol, may lead to liver damage in combination with alcohol. Liver damage from chemicals is called hepatotoxicity. That's why the warning label on products similar to Tylenol say you should ask your doctor before taking the product if you drink. While neither normal acetaminophen use nor light-to-moderate drinking posed a threat to kidneys, as soon as the two were combined the ill effects become evident. Be careful not to take acetaminophen in excess, with or without alcohol; it's the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States.

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