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The LC suggested I take Fenugreek to help my supply even further. You can actually order domperidone without a prescription online at. Motilium & fenugreek - posted in Breastfeeding: I've finally got around to trying fenugreek and With DS I was taking both together. In theory you should take a high dose of motilium until you see the increase in supply, and then You can use it in conjunction with blessed thistle to help with let reverse-osmosis-water-filter.infoidone? Increasing supply?

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fenugreek did nothing for me and taking 2 every few hours And is quite nice- you can get it at most supermarkets and drink it with milk. While you may have never heard of Domperidone, it is well known The typical lactation dose of fenugreek is 3 capsules taken three times a day. There are other herbs that can increase milk production like Blessed The most common side effect of taking Domperidone is increased milk production.

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