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1 Answer - Posted in: amoxicillin, dental abscess, food - Answer: No, there are no food restrictions while taking amoxicillin. Why is taking antibiotics with milk a no-no? Does this apply to all antibiotics, or only certain ones? — Shirley, Ohio. It's not just milk — there are many other foods that can interfere with antibiotics, as well as other drugs. In order for oral antibiotics to be effective, they must be absorbed from the gastrointestinal.

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Yes: There is no reason you should worry about taking Amoxicillin with soy milk. Read more 5 doctors agreed: 5. Can amoxicillin be mixed with milk or juice so a child will take it easier? . Can my bby continue taking porridge mixed with milk when he is on augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate)? · Dr. Katharine. with milk? Yes. Milk will not interfere with the absorption of amoxicillin. It is not a good idea to take any medicine 30 minutes before or within an hour after drinking milk, as the milk coats the stomach and can prevent adequate absorption of the medicine. Read more 4. Is it safe to have a drink while taking amoxicillin?

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