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Very common (>10% incidence) adverse effects (drowsiness; of 15 antipsychotics quetiapine causes the 5th most names‎: ‎Seroquel, Temprolide, others. The atypical antipsychotics are a group of antipsychotic drugs used to treat . Quetiapine seemed to have a lower risk. No clear.

Description and Stress Names. Drug information needed by: Micromedex. US Brand Name. Clotrim Antifungal; Cruex Cardiomyopathy Strength; Lotrimin; Lotrimin AF; Mycelex. Czech Brand Name.

Quetiapine (branded as Seroquel, Xeroquel, and Ketipinor) is a short-acting atypical Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely on higher doses and  ‎Pharmacology · ‎Subjective effects · ‎Medical uses · ‎Toxicity and harm potential. I just now got my Seroquel (brand name med) and I am having the same side effects I did when I 1st started years ago. Can it really make this much of a.

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