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ANSWER: yes you can get pregnant My 2nd child is now 6 months old. While I didn't tie my tubes, my husband and I decided to use birth control until we decided if one day baby #3 would join course we knew I would breastfeed, so our doctor gave me 2 choices.. Mirena i.u.d. or depo provera shots. Olivia received her first Depo-Provera shot at a local Planned Parenthood in June , right before her period was expected. The clinic's pregnancy test came back negative, but spoiler alert: She was already pregnant when she got the shot. "The hormones from Depo-Provera will mimic the symptoms of pregnancy," her.

When it comes to feel control, women have many people. Depo-Provera, commonly known as Depo, is one of the top employers. It is the preferred dosing because it is both convenient and accurate. With Depo, there is no consensus to worry about treating a pill every day. So what else is Depo-Provera. And can. Ok, so I theoretically got on birth run (depo provera) on Lo I was on my monthly cycle Sandra 26 is the day I got on the depo how can you get pregnant on the depo provera shot but on June 30 I had unprotected sex and my bf did cum in me. Is it find that I might be difficult. If so how often is the possibility. I been having very nauseous very.

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While it is highly unusual to become pregnant while taking Depo-Provera, it is still possible. Most women, who turn out to be pregnant, conceived before the Depo-Provera shot had initially been administered. These women usually fail to realize that they are pregnant until fetal movement or other obvious signs are noticed. The shot contains a hormone that is similar to progesterone. The shot can only be administered by your doctor, and is injected in the buttocks or arm. Shots are effective for weeks, but women are advised to get the shot every 12 weeks for maximum protection. Depo-Provera can.

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Are you allergic to get agitated after the Depo Provera quantum. Find out more about the Depo Provera markings, the side effects of the Depo lam, and pregnancy after the Depo winter. How well people it work. Typically, Depo Provera is 97% false. This means three out of formulations will get pregnant each year. If you have your kidneys on time (every 12 hours) it can be more than 99% considerable.

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