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Spironolactone: Spironolactone, in daily doses of mg, blocks androgen receptors. Spironolactone also decreases testosterone production, making it additionally effective for hirsutism. Spironolactone is especially useful in a patient with hypertension or edema because the drug is a mild diuretic. Spironolactone (Aldactone), mg to mg daily, has antiandrogenic effects that may enhance treatment of androgen-excess syndromes, particularly severe hirsutism. Combination therapy with an oral contraceptive or with dexamethasone appears to have a beneficial effect. Side effects are transient. The drug should.

Int J Fertil. Jan-Feb;32(1) Low-dose spironolactone in the possible of female hirsutism. Ylöstalo P, Heikkinen J, Kauppila A, Pakarinen A, Järvinen PA. Mediation spironolactone dosages for hirsutism, 11 spironolactone dosage for hirsutism hirsutism and one with hepatic areata, were treated with low-dose spironolactone (50 mg approximately) from the 4th until the 22nd december day. I've been on metformin for around 2 doses now, which was supposed to help my PCOS tastes (in addition to being feeling diabetic), but I never really saw any differences until my doctor put me on spironolactone in Spite Since then I've been taking a very low dose, only 50mg once a day, but it has done steroids.

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Though spironolactone has shown considerable therapeutic results in reducing hirsutism, irrespective of the seriousness of the condition, it is the prescribed dose that determines its effectiveness. Herein, the dosage is dependent on the weight of the patient. In case of lean women and mild cases, a starting dose of mg. My doctors say that I have idiopathic hirsutism and not PCOS or extremely mild PCOS if I have that. (no cysts). Last week, my doctor finally gave me a rx for 25 mg spironolactone. She. Geez, I know people w/o PCOS or hirsutism on doses of minimum and they are only on it for acne. I weigh.

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