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Seroquel XR (quetiapine): "Diagnosed with GAD and OCD, more so the mental aspect (the obsessions). On clonazepam, Zoloft mg and Seroquel XR 50mg a few hours before bed. I have to say that it feels great and helps me fall asleep, but I still have some anxiety driven dreams. The hours before sleep are wonderful. Hi, Just wondering is anyone here on Seroquel alone for their OCD? It is also called quetiapine. I have just been prescribed Seroquel 50 mg a day, taken in the evening, by my GP. I have had a lot of trouble falling asleep and hope this will help. Being rather in the medical field myself, I am perhaps a little.

Ciao a tutti, non riesco a trovare informazioni aggiornate sull'esistenza di traghetti da seroquel xr anxiety ocd alla grecia, qualcuno ha notizie. grazie a day flavio. Re: traghetto ob. 17 aprileAnche noi ci stiamo lavorando, e si può addictive raggiungere Israele per seroquel xr anxiety ocd passando da Cipro. Meglio andare. Dal metabolism è possibile raggiungere Israele solo da Cipro; la società che mi il servizio è la Rosenfeld Shipping ( ; [Continue]; Ha'atzmaut Rd, Anderson).

I decided to put a good review out there for seroquel, since it's really really helped me in many ways. I have had OCD for quite some time and have been taking a combination of mg Effexor XR and mg Seroquel for about two years. I have been doing fairly well, and with the help of the doctor, I have been weaning myself off the Seroquel. I was doing great until my last dosage, and the anxiety and OCD all came back.

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