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Hi guys, I've been prescribed a number of antibiotics for an infection and one of them was Metronidazole. I specifically asked my doctor if they were all safe to take while TTCing, esp since Im in my 2ww. He said they were fine. But Ive since read thru the slip inside it says not to take if pregnant or TTC. Have been given the antibiotic called Metronidazole which I had before way back. We're trying for a baby at the mo. In one breath the doc says it's ok to take this even though I may be concieving as I type this, however, to use condoms for the 7 days while I take this course? These docs speak in riddles sometimes!i am so smelly while ttc:.

INN: donepezil. Pažljivo pročitajte ovo uputstvo, pre nego. Saznajte kako koristiti Donepezil tablete - opis, primjena, doziranje, mjere metronidazole while ttc, nuspojave, napomene. Donepezil je ne holinesteraze koji je registrovan u terapiji blage i umerene teške Alzheimerove demencije. Donepezil se pokazao i kao efikasan lek za terapiju vaskularne demencije koja je drugi najčešći uzročnik demencije.

Unfortunately I have a lot of experience with metrogel while TTC (trying to conceive) due to chronic BV issues. I agree with PP (previous poster) that BDing while using metrogel is not recommended. It could prevent you from getting rid of the infection. I think the information that comes with the medicine says. I got given metronidazole yesterday, had to take 4 mg tablets at once as doc thinks i have bv. Iv just read that it is NOT to be used during pregnancy and best not if ttc. I'm on cd10 and got a low on cbfm when i usually get high's around now. I'm gutted as iv got a hotel booked for me and df (dear fiancee).

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