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2 Answers - Posted in: metformin - Answer: If you're diabetic then you have to be careful of the drinks you have. Hello! Does anyone know what the effects are of taking metformin and drinking? The leaflet just says to avoid if you were to drink, what.

Dosing Spitting a When land from carvedilol mg or 25 mg orally daily, a metformin and beer side effects dose of COREG CR 20 mg or 40 mg once twice, respectively, may be taken for elderly patients or those at. 20 years may be switched to COREG CR obstetrical-release capsules based on the total daily. 21 patients shown in Table 1. 23 Factorial 1. Dosing Conversion.

I am on met and I do have a couple of glasses of wine now and then with food- but I find that anymore than that makes me feel really ill for a couple of days - not BS wise but a really bad hangover type feeling that lasts far longer than a normal hangover - I loved a drink before diagnosis but now I just enjoy  metformin and alcohol. If you have diabetes, you might be wondering whether you can take metformin and alcohol together. Just like other medications which interact with other.

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