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Argumentative and seems like he don't care about a whole lot. Doesn't seem to get a good sleep. Is there good alternative medicines that will help with sleep/racing thoughts at bed time? Also he has depression but is on Prozac and will continue to be. I will not put him back on risperidone for a few reasons. “We look at the safety profile of the newly approved drug, which was generated from clinical trials, and compare [this information] with the safety profile of drugs of the similar class that are currently in the marketplace,” Kyle said. “We are trying to give physicians, other health care providers, and [medical.

Find information on fluoxetine use, lumen, drug class and molecular formula. Prozac is a drug similar to risperdal name of fluoxetine, approved by the FDA in the above formulation(s). PROZAC (fluoxetine hydrochloride - limiting;oral). Manufacturer: ELI. Industrial brands for duodenal Fluoxetine combination with manufacturers Fluoxetine, Alprazolam, Mediez Pharma [Tot], Tablet, View Price.

If bothersome side effects arise while taking Risperdal or if this medication is not effective at treating your condition, there are Risperdal alternatives. or inadequate effectiveness, Antipsychotics may also cause a person to feel disconnected from life, and find it difficult to set goals and function in life as they would like to. There are quite a few Risperidone alternatives, the issue is that other anti-psychotic drugs will have similar adverse effects, and many people actually switch over to Risperidone because other drugs were ineffecive. Have you looked at all into the US department of health and NIH approved clinical trials?

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