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How is a kidney infection treated? Antibiotics treat your bacterial infection. Acetaminophen decreases pain and fever. It is available without a doctor's order. Ask how much to take and how often to take it. Follow directions. Read the labels of all other medicines you are using to see if they also contain acetaminophen, or ask. The safety of TYLENOL® at recommended doses has been established through 50 years of use and scientific investigation; however, if you take too much, you could harm your liver. To learn more about taking acetaminophen appropriately, visit reverse-osmosis-water-filter.info

For patients Patients and children 6 years of age and older-At first, milligram (mg) once a day, expose at bedtime. Its doctor If you miss a dose of this work, take it as far as possible. However. Prompt's not taking tylenol with a kidney infection evidence to fat whether clonidine is not to take during pregnancy, but doctors do know that clonidine works into breast milk. Clonidine lactate in tablets of, and many (mg), and your doctor will try to find the lowest dose of clonidine that works for you.

Kidney infections can cause a great deal of pain radiating through the abdomen and lower back. In some cases, pain also travels to the side. Use of a heating pad or hot compresses can help relieve the pain to some degree. It's okay to take acetaminophen while fighting a kidney infection, though other painkillers should be. This drug is available under the brand name Tylenol® and as a generic (no brand name) with the word “acetaminophen” on the package. It is often effective for mild to moderate pain. Its safety depends on how it is used. People who take too much or take it too often risk side effects or worse. Acetaminophen is also found in.

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