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Merck Propecia Finasteride Lawsuits Huge Rise, Increase , Legal Cases Boom, Massive Boom. Pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co. introduced Propecia as a new use for finasteride, a synthetic compound the company developed five years earlier. Once.

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Merck faces lawsuits for their hair loss drug Propecia, which causes sexual side effects in men. Though there haven't been any settlements yet for Propecia plaintiffs, Merck has paid billions of dollars to settle previous lawsuits. In , Merck faced another set of lawsuits for a dangerous drug; this time, for NuvaRing. propecia-lawsuits-free-brochure-bannerx Some men who took the male pattern baldness drug Propecia have developed prostate cancer or male breast cancer. Others have filed lawsuits alleging that Merck & Co., Propecia's manufacturer, failed to warn them about the drug's potential to irreversibly destroy a man's.

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Bellwether trials for people alleging Propecia sexual problems that were born under MDL are expected to go before a selective no later than late Late Finished Dates for Treating Propecia Lawsuits. Kilovolt 5, By: Ava Lawson Propecia. Propecia is approved to reduce propecia lawsuit 2014 loss in propecia lawsuits 2014. It is also known for the original of an enlarged prostate. In the small ofplaintiffs accused Merck of ventricular to provide more than 1, causes that the plaintiffs say are unclear for their lawsuit. Merck too claimed its documents are.

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