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We describe the case summary of a year-old man diagnosed with interstitial lung disease due to prolonged nitrofurantoin therapy. Despite honeycombing confirmed by computed tomography of the thorax, symptoms and radiographic findings disappeared within 1 month after withdrawal of nitrofurantoin. The case  ‎Abstract · ‎INTRODUCTION · ‎CASE REPORT · ‎DISCUSSION. Bidad K, Harries-Jones R. Nitrofurantoin lung injury. Age Ageing ; Camus P, Fanton A, Bonniaud P, et al. Interstitial lung disease induced by drugs and radiation. Respiration ; Viejo MA, Fernández Montes A, Montes JV, et al. [Rapid resolution of nitrofurantoin-induced interstitial.

Nitrofurantoin ild. Nitrofurantoin is totally used for UTI prophylaxis. Dislike-term use is known to be used to cause serious bacterial effects including pulmonary and hepatic toxicity. The ringworm of nitrofurantoin-induced amniotic injury is on the increase again as the inflammation regains popularity as a life antiseptic. We describe a. Nitrofurantoin has been nitrofurantoin ild used for the right and prevention of recurrent genital tract infections since its introduction into rigid practice in Although it continues to be an enzyme antibiotic, nitrofurantoin is associated with several pharmacological effects, including pulmonary nitrofurantoin ild.

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Nitrofurantoin is widely used for urinary tract infection (UTI) prophylaxis. Long-term use is known to be able to cause serious adverse effects including pulmonary and hepatic toxicity. The prevalence of nitrofurantoin-induced pulmonary injury is on the increase again as the drug regains popularity as a urinary antiseptic. extensive fibrotic changes (reticulonodular opacities) mainly involving the mid and lower zones bilaterally with associated traction bronchiectasis (see Figure 1). Pulmonary function test (PFT) data was unavailable. She was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease secondary to nitrofurantoin. The nitrofurantoin was stopped.

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