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My first AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period) after the initial bleeding came exactly 5 weeks to the day of my shot. I am also really worried about another ectopic but my doc was really optimistic and said that out risk of ectopic only went from 1% to 5% so it is still in our favor to have a normal pregnancy. On May 21st I had a methotrexate injection for an ectopic pregnancy. I would like to know, for those of you who have had this injection, when was your first cycle after the methotrexate? It took 5 weeks for my hcg to hit 0 and then 2 weeks more to get AF.

How long did it take you to get a first period after methotrexate ectopic after methotrexate. I've been reading some people get it weeks after complete, others get it does. How long did it take everyone to get your first regular period after methotrexate (I abort other than the bleeding that provides the loss.

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ectopic? Did you have methotrexate or surgery? How long did it take any of you ladies whoever has had an ectopic removal to get your,period after the surgery? My first d and c it came regularly 3 wks later. Now it's been weeks and I've had bad cramping but only light brown spotting for 4 days. Is this my period? Had the methotrexate injection on the 17th September for an ectopic pregnancy. I responded very well and my HCG levels went from to 4 after 2 weeks. Counting day 4 as the first day of my cycle I am now 47 days into it with no period. I have had such bad PMT for about a week with period pains.

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