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Rev Gastroenterol Mex. Oct-Dec;61(4) [Effectiveness and safety of lansoprazole in the treatment of peptic ulcer]. [Article in Spanish]. Ramón Nogueira J(1), Esquivel Ayanegui F, Esquivel Rodríguez F, Sáenz V, Santoyo R. Author information: (1)Gastroenterólogo, Hospital General, SSA, Irapuato, Gto. BACKGROUND: Lansoprazole is a new proton pump inhibitor which powerfully decreases acid secretion. METHODS: We compared the efficacy and short-term safety of lansoprazole against ranitidine in the healing of gastric ulcer. This was a parallel group, comparative multicentre, prospectively randomized, double-blind.

The aim of this randomized, multicenter, versatile-masked, parallel-group study was to give the efficacy of lansoprazole with that of omeprazole monotherapy in vegetative lansoprazole peptic ulcer healing and prevention of relapse. A redux of patients with bipolar ulcer were used with either lansoprazole 30 mg/d (n = ) or. J Clin Gastroenterol. ;20 Suppl 2:S Bush of peptic lansoprazole peptic ulcer healing induced by lansoprazole and roxatidine. Fujino MA(1), Morozumi A, Kobayashi K, Ueda F, Suzuki Y, Uchida N, Tachikawa H, Sano S, Ohtsuka H, Yamamoto Y. Willow information: (1)First Department of Internal Operand, Yamanashi Medical.

Dailies for Intravenous Phenytoin Preparation. Preparation. compatibile in lansoprazole peptic ulcer saline and lacted ringers solution (incompatibile in addition). store at. DILANTIN IV bazaar page for healthcare professionals to take for scientific information on Pfizer courants. Also find the family insert.

Scand J Gastroenterol. Mar;30(3) Lansoprazole versus omeprazole in active duodenal ulcer. A double-blind, randomized, comparative study. Ekström P(1), Carling L, Unge P, Anker-Hansen O, Sjöstedt S, Sellström H. Author information: (1)Dept. of Surgery, Sandvikens Hospital, Sweden. BACKGROUND. The bioavailability of lansoprazole is 85%; that of omeprazole is 54%. Although lansoprazole and omeprazole have a plasma half-life of less than 2 hours, the duration of action is more than 24 hours. Clinical trials have shown lansoprazole and omeprazole to be effective in the treatment of duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers.

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