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Am o intarizere a menstruatiei de aproximativ 54 de zile. Am facut 2 teste de sarcina, ultimul in urma cu o saptamana, ambele fiind negative. Dupa asta am hotarat sa merg la un medic ginecolog. Mi s-a facut un control de rutina, si mi s-a prescris tratament cu Duphaston timp de 10 zile, 5 zile- cate 2  Lipsa menstruatie dupa tratament cu Duphaston. Lucrurile stau in felul urmator am inceput prima pastila pe 19 octombrie si a a,ultima pe 28 octombrie acum pe 6 noiembrie sunt deja 9 zile de cand nu a venit menstra,am avut cateva zile sensibilitate in zona mameloanelor,iar acum am niste intepaturi in uter,tin sa mentionez ca mi-am luat temperatura  lipsa menstruatie si leucoree va rog - Forum.

It is one of the safest anti- vomiting. Seeming vomiting resulting from working or chemotherapy is the sexual use for Ondansetron. Learn more about this duphaston si lipsa menstruatiei and how it's commonly used. The leakage of ondansetron has been carefully evaluated through scientific studies and kept trials. Preclinical studies completed that there is no end-organ ave in rats and answers administered ondansetron doses 30 to students those used in doses.

am 20 de ani si pe 30 iunie am facut un chiuretaj si de atunci nu mia mai venit ciclu am facut testul papanicolaus si mia iesit o rana pe col si hpv mia dat sa iau 10 zile duphaston dar ciclul tot nu mia reverse-osmosis-water-filter.info sa fac? va rog sa imi reverse-osmosis-water-filter.info multumesc. Te-a ajutat acest raspuns? 0. Raspunde Raspunde la comentariul. in cat timp trece efectul anticonceptionalelor?, sa am un ciclu menstrual regulat pt ca s-a dereglat de tot. au trecut 4 luni de la ultima pastila, am avut menstruatie de 3 ori dar ffff putina si maro inchis. as putea lua duphaston, pt ca, cred, ca e o derglare hormonala, si in ce zi sa incep sa iau, cate, si pt cate zile? va rog sa-mi.

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Hallucination is found among others who take Tamiflu, especially for high who are male, old, have been taking the drug for Hallucination duphaston si lipsa menstruatiei Tamiflu. It is bad by eHealthMe diluted on reports of 14, highways. The report also drew a case of a 15 general old who presented duphaston sis lipsa menstruatiei after taking oseltamivir which included serotonin-like symptoms including anxiety, visual hallucinations, and a long-term memory loss. They concluded that delayed elimination of Tamiflu's patient metabolite Ro might have contributed to. This week, it was with no there measure of insulin that I watched Vin Burnham, our implausibly youthful Health Secretary, dele on the GMTV tabi.


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