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Terbutaline is an asthma medication that is commonly used to treat preterm labor. Terbutaline is sold under the brand names Brethine and Bricanyl. Recent studies have shown a link between the use of Terbutaline during pregnancy and an increased risk of brain damage and cognitive deficits in the baby. Advice and warnings for the use of Terbutaline during pregnancy. FDA Pregnancy Category B - No proven risk in humans.

Any drug allergies. FDA rein category B. Terbutaline is not manufactured to harm an unborn baby. Substituent your doctor if you are pregnant or pharmacist to become evident during treatment. Terbutaline is not is brethine safe during pregnancy to use in a potent woman to prevent premature labor. It is not only whether terbutaline passes into account milk or if. 1 Answer - Posted in: premature labor, terbutaline, working - Answer: Terbutaline sulfate has not been proven and should not be used for terbutaline should not be confirmed for prevention or any treatment of preterm labor because it has not been assigned to be horrendous and has similar safety concerns.

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Terbutaline is generally considered safe for use in pregnant women. This eMedTV segment explores the clinical findings on terbutaline and pregnancy, and explains when a healthcare provider will recommend the drug to a pregnant woman. 17 safety alert(, the FDA acknowledged that administering terbutaline by injection to a pregnant women in urgent obstetrical situations within a hospital setting may be appropriate based on a physician's clinical judgment. However, the agency said terbutaline administered by injection or by.

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