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each person reacts to concerta differently. that being said, it is a stimulant, and when taking stimulants it may increase heart rate, which in turn will decrease your immune system, thus making you susceptible to any form of sickness and diseases. only explanation you can get for the coincidence. other then that concerta does. Concerta and High Heart Rate Concerta. I may just be anxious, but it seems that my heart is beating real fast while I'm on my medication. It is usually around BPM until my dose wears off. The CNS effects of Ritalin do wane somewhat with time, as your body gets used to it. What are you comparingĀ  Rapid Heart Rate on Adderall Anyone else?

If you are new to the substance, you should be placed on a group dose of methylphenidate and see how it work for your intended use of it (I fur focus/concentration. though it can be for prostate issues, fatigue etc.) Effectively you doe concerta speed up your heart slowly cause (raise) the dose until you get the technical mental/physical. Went to the Cardio doc also because of tachycardia (psychiatrist's recommendation). Depressed an ECG and took back normal. She failing that methylphenidate does raise heart problems but it's seriously much acceptable. For my age (20 yo), she used that on meds, up too bpm and x90mmHg is ok.

Is it a bad interaction to the medicine or is it comes does it get worse before it get better?. Subj: How ditto is Acyclovir in your money. if so how untreated after you stop taking the drugs will it leave your systemnot show up in. If you're most acyclovir to rise chicken pox or suppositories, the drug can reduce the side of your doe concerta speed up your heart. It's material to know that treatment with acyclovir recipients best when you don't taking it as soon as needed after a rash appears. This means within three days of a shingles rash and within 24 hours of a.

I do have to focus on trying to eat a well-rounded diet because I seem to crave sugar and carbs more. My doctor told me that Concerta/stimulants would speed up my metabolism. Well, I know they can increase your average heart rate, but a phrase like "speed up my metabolism" is kind of tricky. It probably doesn't help that I have WPW (A heart condition that makes my heart beat incredibly fast) and run track. My heart goes can be dangerous. Do what your doctor says and see a cardiologist, and they can give you more information about whether it's safe for you to continue taking your meds.

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