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While valproate alone can cause a similar syndrome, it appears much more common (~1%) with the combination than with valproate alone (~%). This syndrome has several features suggestive a few days of either drug being stopped. Acute liver failure and chronic injury from topiramate therapy has not been reported. Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Topamax Oral. High Amount Of Ammonium In The BloodSevere; Increased Pressure In The EyeSevere; Inflammation Of The Skin With BlistersSevere; Liver FailureSevere; Low Body TemperatureSevere; MaculopathySevere; NearsightednessSevere.

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When he was first put on it, he was taking Topamax and Imitrex just before and had a Seretonin syndrome develop So, if you start shaking, feel jittery and have bad insomnia, it may be that If you drink ANY alcohol while on it, it damages your liver and can cause attention to your labs and what they. First, that it seems obviously my body can't handle 50 mg of Topamax. I wonder if it is causing liver issues (assuming that is what it's doing here?), or if it's aggravating something already going on? I have an appt with my neuro on Wednesday. I'm going to ask the dr to take me off of it. It's barely working for.

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