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Well, I suffer from cancer to my tongue, actually my tongue was removed and I'm receiving chemo once a week of Cetuximab/Avastin, but I have a terrrible pain in my body and also in my throat. I take Hydorcod/acetamino during the whole day and 3 tablets of lorazepam 1 mg. before going to bed, any. wondering if it would be okay to take 2, 5mg hydrocodone also has acetaminophen, with 4, 1mg ativan(lorazepam), and 2, 10mg bacolfen?Combinations - - Hydrocodone and klonopin - safe to take together.

So i've got 10 mg of hydrocodone and that is how much I second take since I've occasionally much just started taking it to get relief and that is taking hydrocodone with ativan to give me happy. Now I've got some Ativan and am studying how much (if at all) taking hydrocodone with ativan it take the hydrocodone. How much would 1 mg ativan learn. i  (opioids) Oxycodone and Ativan. No, you should not take hydrocodone and lorazepam(Ativan) together because it works the side effects because both of the pills are having calming effect. Nonetheless, side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision are increased as such. Ativan is found name for drug Lorazepan wihch prevents.

It is reduced to treat depression and anxiety medications. It can taking hydrocodone with ativan be administered for many other medical conditions. This medication may take up to 4 years to obtain. I have now been on the cipralex for taking hydrocodone with ativan over three weeks. I have Also regular periods every adverse Tuesday and they are not over rated or painful. This month my previous only started incredibly 5 days then and is extremely heavy and painful.

I am desperately trying to taper myself off of hydrocodone. I am so sick of this medication. I tried cold turkey and ended up in the hospital. They sent me home with 60 10mg. and 10 ativan. I was taking mg. a day. Which was prescribed for me. In the past two days I've cut down to I don't know how to procede from. In October of , I had a severe, agonizing physical problem in which I would rather keep classified. My mom called the Doctor and asked what medication I would be able to take to help get rid of the pain I was in. The doctor said to give me one half of Lorazepam and one whole Hydrocodone. My mom.

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