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In rats, the LD50 (oral) is greater than 15g amoxicillin per kg bodyweight (see link) A 70kg human would therefore need to ingest more than 2, x mg tablets to get anywhere near this. Amoxicillin is not considered to be particularly toxic  HOW MANY PILLS OF AMOXICILLIN DOES IT. Do not stop using Amoxicillin early even if you feel better! Follow the doctor's advice on how long you need to take Amoxicillin. If you stop using Amoxicillin early (e.g. a doctor has recommend you to take Amoxicillin for 7 days, and you stop after 5th day), you will not kill all the bacteria. Those bacteria that survive will develop.

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NO: It is not advisable to take expired medications (some maybe poisonous) expired Amoxicillin may not take care of the infection and may hurt you by creating a more resistant bacteria. Please see your doctor for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment (antibiotic choice, dose, therapy duration).Take care Read more. Amoxicillin: It is actually, with normal kidney function, to overdose on penicillin-type antimicrobials. Most complications of treatment are not due to too high a dose but rather allergies or drug-associated diarrhea or colitis. Read more · Dr. John Leander Po Dr. Po. 1 doctor agreed: 6. I took extra amoxicillin today. Will this.

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