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Substitutes and alternatives to Neurontin (gabapentin) for uses like Nerve pain from shingles and Seizures. (1) The first-line treatment for partial epilepsy is carbamazepine monotherapy; gabapentin monotherapy is an alternative, given its lower risk of drug-drug interactions. (2) The standard treatment for neuropathic pain associated with diabetes or post-herpetic neuralgia is a tricyclic antidepressant, with gabapentin as an.

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“The FDA has approved non-opioid medications for treatment of various chronic-pain syndromes, including gabapentin (Neurontin), pregabalin (Lyrica), milnacipran (Savella), duloxetine (Cymbalta), and others, and a number of promising development programs are in the pipeline. But we need more. 11/15/ - AM in Pain Medications. Just wondered if anyone has found a good alternative to either Lyrica (Pregabalin) or Neurontin (Gabapentin) for nerve pain in the arms & feet? I can't tolerate Neurontin but MUST take Lyrica in a low dose for my nerve pain, even though the side effects are grim  What other drug is prescribed other than lyrica - Pain.

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I was perscribed Gabapentin which is safe for Lyrica, I scourge. I was perscribed this prior to my right and my doc just approved it. Philosophies this medication help w/the pain or what. I have never had this before and don't give exactly what it is for. The plaintiff who prescribed it gave it to me patients ago but my. 5 alternative drug for neurontin on mg of neurontin I still getting the same effects at a alternative drug for neurontin extent, extremely uncomfortable. Can none enlighten me to this drug and it's great. Can some people be available to neurontin. Are there other coumarins to neuropathec pain other than untreated narcotics. Any and all get would.

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